Peters Todd's Team by one of their trucks

NJ Tree Care Experts, Peters Todd’s

Peters Todd’s is a full service NJ tree care company, serving clients throughout Northern New Jersey and select areas in New York State. Our team provides complete tree services, from tree removal and pruning through tree and shrub fertilizing, insect control and much more. We are committed to the most advanced and professional tree care techniques provided in an environmentally sensitive way. Our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction is complete. If you have any tree or shrub care needs please call us today at 908-204-9918 and see what a difference 80 years of experience can make.


Peters Tree Service was started in 1922 by John J. Peters and quickly gained a reputation as a firm that combined scientific expertise, with exceptional quality work. John Todd, nephew of J. Peters joined the company in the 70’s and after careful training from his uncle took over management of the firm. John Todd and continued to insist on deep knowledge of tree science with top quality field work. This commitment and the reputation of the company was a key reason that Peters Todd’s was one of the few contractors chosen by the State Of NJ to help the Asian Longhorn Bettle infestation that threatened our state’s trees earlier this decade (see story). Peters Todd’s remains one of the most capable, experienced and reputable tree service companies anywhere in the tri-state area