Insect and Disease Management

We have a variety of programs to help keep your trees and shrubs looking good and healthy while remaining free of pest damage.

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“My trees look like they’re dying! The needles are all turning yellow very quickly.” Don’t panic yet, this is normal. Evergreens drop their 2 or 3 year old needles every year in fall. They turn yellow first and the look can suddenly be quite dramatic and surprising if not expected. Notice the nice green needles at the end of the branch on the close-up, this is the most recent seasons’ growth.

Plant Health Care

Our Plant Health Care program allows us to maintain your property to the highest standards by minimizing insect and disease damage with our environmentally friendly Integrated Pest Management approach. The emphasis is on promoting plant health and minimizing any pesticide applications. When applications are made, we strive to use the least toxic material to properly do the job. Whether you have a lovely private orchard or just a few shrubs that you’d like to maintain, Peters Todd’s Tree Experts has the knowledge to keep your plants healthy and problem free. When treating insects or diseases, it is important to be certain that the proper material is being applied. At Peters Todd’s, we have the expertise to properly identify the problem and use the least toxic material to achieve the results we seek.

Insect Management

Your trees and shrubs are under attack! There are hundreds of insects that attack and cause damage to trees and shrubs. With our insect control, we are not looking to kill every insect on your property; we are just looking to reduce the populations below damaging levels. Our treatments are done using materials that are able to get the job done reliably with the least toxicity.
Black staining on sugar maple is indicative of phytophthora root rot. Treatments can be done to help suppress the symptoms, but it is important to properly assess site conditions as they contribute greatly to the spread and continued infection of this disease.

Disease Management

Many trees and shrubs are predisposed to certain diseases. Crabapples get scab and rust. Roses, laurels, and cherries can get leaf spot. Horse chestnuts get leaf blotch disease. Some trees get root rot that can weaken and eventually kill it. At Peters Todd’s Tree Experts, we have the expertise to properly diagnose tree and shrub diseases and offer the proper recommendations that will lead your plants into recovery.

Tick Management

Ticks are scary. Anything that sucks your blood is just plain gross, too. Unfortunately, not only are they gross and scary, but they can transmit disease. According to a recent newspaper article, there are ten different tick-borne illnesses with five occurring in New Jersey and the surrounding states. Lyme disease is one of the fastest-growing infectious diseases in the United States and the most common tick-borne illness with New Jersey being one of the top ten states with the most cases.