Tree Management

Deer Management

“Look at the deer, Mommy! Isn’t he cute?” Not when he’s eating all of my flower bulbs or flower pots or every leaf off of the first 6 feet of my beautiful arborvitaes. Banging on the windows may get them to leave…for now. Once they’ve established their feeding patterns, they will come back. Along with the damage that they cause to all of your beautiful flowers and shrubs, they carry ticks. They carry both wood ticks and deer ticks. While the deer tick is best known for transmitting Lyme disease, both types are capable of carrying Lyme disease and many other blood borne illnesses. Our non-toxic spray application deters feeding through smell and taste. Deer may take a bite to try, but that’s it. With monthly applications of our deer repellent, you can keep the damage to a very small minimum, if not completely eliminate it. Deer can cause thousands of dollars of damage on one property in a very short time. Let Peters Todd’s keep the deer away so that you can enjoy your beautiful landscape.

Weed Management

We can help prevent the establishment of weeds in your shrub beds or gravel driveway with a well timed application of pre-emergent herbicide. Actively growing weeds can either be hand pulled or treated with a post emergent herbicide to kill them off. Followed up with an application of pre-emergent, weed free beds can be maintained throughout the season.

Tree Risk Assessment

Will my tree fail? If it does, what are the chances of it hitting someone or something of value? If it does hit someone or something, what are the chances of damage and how severe will the damage be?

We can perform a risk assessment on your trees to help detect early signs of root damage, decay, or structural defects. Depending on the level of assessment, a tree risk assessment will also tell us about soil and water conditions and much more.

If you have questions about your trees, don’t leave it to chance. Peters Todd’s certified arborist can perform a comprehensive risk assessment to help guide your tree care decisions.


A hole in a tree could be a sign of something to worry about or it may be no big deal. This particular tree is severely decayed and should be removed to eliminate the risk of serious damage. The time to determine if a tree is hazardous is before it fails, not after the damage is already done. If you have a tree in question, call us to do a comprehensive tree risk assessment.

Tree Inventories & Management Plans

Tree inventories are intended to provide basic information on the plant population of a property in order to make informed management decisions. An inventory can supply information on plant quantities, location, condition, size, and maintenance requirements. Based on this information, we can develop a sustainable management plan and rational budget for the care of the tree population.

Tree Inspections

Often, when a problem is discovered in a tree, it is too late or too far gone to implement a treatment program. Many times, these are problems that could have been addressed and corrected if detected soon enough. Peters Todd’s Certified Arborist has the experience and knowledge to uncover problems early before they cause serious damage.

During an inspection, we can check the overall health of the trees, inspect for signs of insect or disease problems, identify structural issues, and begin to determine soil requirements. Based on the information we uncover, we will make recommendations on any required treatments. A tree inspection should be scheduled regularly like a doctor’s checkup as this type of visit is necessary to maintaining healthy trees.