Boxwood blight is a serious disease of boxwoods and was found in North America in 2011. Infected plants start out showing black leaf spots, progressing to browning leaves and eventual defoliation.

We recently received calls asking us to come out and inspect boxwoods that were not looking well. We have since confirmed boxwood blight on properties in Chester, Bernardsville, and New Vernon this year. We have also received reports of confirmed infections in Livingston and Rutgers reported an influx of suspect boxwood samples coming in to their diagnostic lab over the past weeks.

We are currently working with Rutgers Plant Diagnostic Lab and other professionals through our service area to develop proper protocols for managing this disease on our properties.

If you notice this problem on your boxwoods, or if you have questions, give us a call immediately at 908-204-9918 and we will come  look and help to come up with a management plan if necessary.

Please review the graphic below to help you identify boxwood blight on your property:

Boxwood Blight